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yeahhhh i just don’t know when.. I’m having a hard time parting with this hair after all the hassle its been to get it to where it is now 


black hair dye is the devil and if your hair is already damaged then theres no way you can keep lightening it without any further damage =/

my hair is soooo unhealthy right now and I’ve lost so much fucking hair, honestly i wish i never went through with this process lol 

all i can recommend is a lot of deep conditioning treatments, coconut oil, shampoos without sulfate and try not to use heat tools that often, as far as lightening…… if you’ve already bleached it 4 times then give your hair a break before doing anything else to it, and in a couple of months do a bleach bath (there are tons of youtube vids explaining how) 

but just prepared for a ridiculous amount of hair loss :( 


It’s a Mac lip liner in “beurre”